marți, iunie 26, 2007

Gentuta crazy / Crazy Handbag

Am terminat aceasta geanta facuta in tehnica crazy patchwork. Mi-a placut mult s-o lucrez si cred ca voi face de acum inainte multe alte genti, cred ca e pe cale sa ma molipsesc de inca un microb :))
I finished this bag and I enjoyed to make it very much.I belive I will make a lot of bags in the future, I think I'm going to get another virus :)))

Rose, Heidi, Rosalinda si Maman Tendresse. Acestea sunt numele propuse de Smaranda, Teodora, Marisa si Nathalie pentru papusa mea (vezi postul anterior)
Multumesc fetelor!!!! Cred ca cel mai bine i se potriveste Rose, mai ales ca are rochita brodata cu trandafiri. Dar mi-a placut si Maman tendresse...suna atat de...tandru :) Voi face in orice caz si alte papusi, si musai si o Rosalinda si o Heidi.

Rose, Heidi, Rosalinda and Maman Tendresse. These are the suggestions of Smaranda, Teodora, Marisa and Nathalie for the name of my doll (see the previous post).
Thank you girls!!! I think the most suitable is Rose, especially that her dress is embroidered with little roses. But I also like Maman sounds so...tender :)) However, I will make other dolls and certainly two of them called Rosalinda and Heidi. ;)

11 comentarii:

Teodora spunea...

"Pui-pui" sa nu o deochi!:)))
da' frumoasa mai e !!
hmmm..vezi ca devii molipsitoare cu adevarat...
este o adevarata simfonie de culori.
really love it!

marisa spunea...

Your crazy bag is beautiful .The colours are fantastics.

Sarah spunea...

Tag! You're it! I am tagging you to post seven random facts about yourself on your blog, and then tag seven other people. Have fun!

Your bag came turned out beautiful! Very nice!

Sanda spunea...

Foarte stilata gentuta!

corina spunea...

Cred ca te-ai molipsit de ceva foarte sanatos:)

Carol spunea...

Your bag is beautiful and so wonderfully bright and cheerful.

Rose Marie spunea...

Your bag is sweet and I like the quilting you did on it!

teodo spunea...

Your bag is wonderful and the doll is gorgeous.
How long did it take you to do the doll?
In my opinion the perfect name is FELICITA.
ciao ciao

Carmen spunea...

El bolso crazy es muy bonito, felicidades por su blog.

Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture spunea...

J'aime Rose, car Rose est le nom de ma maman, et j'adore ton sac, il est très beau. A bientôt dora.

Yona spunea...

Your bag is beautiful!